Newton Distributing XLERATOR® Air Hand Dryers: Hygienic, Powerful, Clean.

Better Ideas = Better Hygiene

Newton Distributing offers the highest quality bathroom products. These products meet or exceed standards in restroom cleanliness and hygiene. For anyone looking to buy hand dryers, Newton Distributing is the place to go.

According to a 2009 Study by Research Firm Quantis:

The results of the study indicate that the high-efficiency electric hand dryer, the XLERATOR, provides significant environmental benefits over the course of its life in comparison to the other options considered. The major cause of its advantage in comparison to conventional electric hand dryers is the reduction of the electricity consumption during the use of the dryer by nearly 4-fold. In comparison to paper towels, the combined environmental impact of producing the paper towels and associated materials far exceed the impact from the use of the XLERATOR. Buying Hand Dryers is the best option to find what you’re looking for.

Although the use of recycled paper fibers in the towels may reduce the impacts of this system, even at 100% recycled content, the XLERATOR maintains a significant margin of benefit. A wide variety of sensitivity tests and scenario evaluations demonstrate that the margin of benefit for the XLERATOR is quite substantial and not dependent on the assumptions or methods. A test of uncertainty in the results shows that the confidence in the benefit of the XLERATOR in comparison to the other systems drier is quite high.

From a psychological perspective, there is good reason to install air powered hand dryers as opposed to paper alternatives. A growing number of people are being diagnosed with mysophobia, a psychological disorder related to a fear of dirt and germs. Formerly referred to as “germaphobes,” popular television personalities, such as Howie Mandell, are helping to demystify this for the general public.

While such significant psychological reasons exist and give support to why air hand drying is preferred to towel based drying in publicly used restrooms, there are also microbiological reasons.

The Research

According to the Abstract from a report from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Effective hand-washing, including drying to decrease skin surface microbial counts, is recognized as a critical factor in infection control policies. It is also recognized that hand-washing is not always undertaken as it should be. Spending large amounts of time with the hands in water is not enough to control infection as the technique of washing hands is more important than merely the length of time under water. Therefore, ways of promoting hand hygiene must be found, as well as finding ways of ensuring that healthcare workers follow hygiene guidelines.

Despite Howie Mandell’s perennial smile, avoiding germs is not a laughing matter. Mandell made that clear in an ABC News 20/20 Special Report. Newton Distributing’s selection of XLERATOR® models are the clear industry leader – offering peace of mind and the microbiological defense to avoid germs, bacteria, and illness.

Check out our full line of hand drying products here!

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